Tennis Fitness for the Love of it: A Mindful Approach to Fitness for Injury-free Tennis

To all the tennis players of any age and skill level, who always strive for improvement and who never stop believing that the impossible is possible, and who know that there are no limits to growth and performance other than the human mind.

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This book is little in size, yet big in knowledge. Carry it in your tennis bag, purse, or your gym backpack. Pull it out often and reread the chapters repeatedly, until you develop an awareness of your body. This awareness will enable you to improve. Read and learn until you hear what your body is telling you. Like any mastery, to become aware needs to be practiced regularly. Strengthening your weaknesses will make you an even better athlete. This book is your friend after your tennis practice when you lie down in the grass to reflect and stretch. Small things make the biggest difference if you do them consistently and over prolonged periods. Just half an hour a day of conscious training and striving for balance will make a significant difference in no more than a few months. In the long term, you will always play tennis without chronic pains and injuries. Practice conscious tennis fitness for the love of it.


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Interview with Oscar Wegner about tennis fitness