Healthy Shoulders, Wrists, Lower Back, Hips and Knees with the Wheel Stretch

Our modern life style creates a “forward” posture, where the head is tilted forward instead of being straight over the shoulders. Shoulders are rounded and moved forward instead of being perfectly above the hips. Lower back has lost its natural sway curvature. The body is fighting to keep its balance and some muscles are working way too hard for that. That’s why you often feel tightness in your neck or low back. Let’s help your body and do the Wheel that is stretching everything “backward”. The best time to do the Wheel is after your tennis practice, at the end of all stretches. It will reveal  ALL the imbalances that are developing in you – tightness in your hitting arm’s wrist or elbow, the hitting arm’s shoulder, or one of your hip-flexors is most probably tight and achy too.

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