Tennis Fitness Love: injury-free sport performance Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.
Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.

Acknowledgements: The Athlete’s Simple Guide to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

This book has been in the process of creation for a long time. At first, it was only my personal research for my personal health benefits, which turned out to be so impressive that I had to let everybody know through the creation of this work. I am truly thankful to all the great researchers and professionals whose works I have been studying. Thank you Dr. Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Ornish, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Greger, Jeff Novick, Ann Wigmore, and many more, who helped me to realize the amazing benefits of eating plants and for becoming who I am now.

A huge thanks to my mom, who lives over 6,000 miles away and who has been my biggest supporter and the perfect “experiment rabbit.” She faithfully followed my every step and was doing everything I was doing, starting from vegetarian, then fully plant-based, and finally raw. It takes a lot of courage and humility for a mother to let herself be guided by her daughter. Thank you, Mom, you are my idol!

Many thanks go to all my fitness students, friends, and tennis partners, who were patient with me as I constantly ranted about the new information and knowledge that I was acquiring. Those who adopted the plant-based lifestyle have helped me to realize all the possible issues and difficulties that people can have during the transition to a plant-based lifestyle. Thank you for being brave and joining me on this journey.

Lastly, this book would sound like a Czech-Swedish-American concoction if my girls—editors and proofreaders—Janet Kolbu, Doree Gerold, and Wendy Brynford-Jones, didn’t help me eliminate my “accent” from the pages. Thank you, girls, for making me sound like an American, and thanks to Maria Rosetti for the lovely cover art.

Thanks to all the organic farmers in the world, your hard work is truly appreciated.

Finally, thank You, dear reader, for reading my work.