Tennis Fitness Love: injury-free sport performance Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.
Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.


This is a “must have” book for ALL active people. Suzanna McGee has done an excellent job of presenting essential injury prevention material for tennis players of all levels. The suggested stretches and exercises would in fact benefit anyone who is active, even those that don’t play tennis. As a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, I recommend this book and give it “two thumbs up”!

Dr. Carmine Gangemi, DC, CSCS

I have finally found a book I have been looking for, for years. Thank you for putting this book together, Suzanne. I will include aspects of the book in my teaching while in my health and physical education classes as it can be useful to my students.  Again, Thanks and I just love the routines as my tennis game has improved already. Really!

Michael P. Horne, Firelands High School, Health/Physical Education Teacher

FINALLY … A Practical Guide Tennis Injury Prevention. For most of the 30+ years I’ve played tennis, I have been plagued with injury after injury. I spent tons of money on sports medicine doctors, chiropractors, rehab specialist and books written by so called ‘experts’! However … the injuries keep coming and the money keeps going! If your story sounds anything like mine I encourage you to BUY THIS BOOK! The information is easy to understand, and more importantly, the exercises and advice are practical. And don’t have to be a Cirque du Soleil acrobat to perform the daily exercises. You also get lots of advice on nutrition and other valuable information to keep you healthy overall. Thank you Suzanna for adding another 20 years to my enjoyment of tennis …. and life!

Stephen Scott, Internet Entrepreneur and Interactive Technology Developer, Open level tennis player

A way to understand why I get injured and what to do about it. I’ve been playing tennis for 25 years, and the first 20 went by without a serious injury. But once I got hurt, I couldn’t figure out how to recover. I had a job that had me sitting down for 10+ hours a day, and I just started getting less and less able to play tennis without pain. The exercises Suzanna describes in this book helped me to recover from those injuries, and to condition my body to avoid injury from the stresses of playing tennis. They also showed me how to compensate for a variety of the stresses I was inflicting on my body as part of my desk job. I highly recommend the book both for the explanations it gives of the types of stresses that lead to injury, and the excellent photos and descriptions that make it possible to understand how to do each exercise and what to focus on.

Ari E. Miller, Computer Programmer and avid tennis player

It’s great! So much USEFUL information on every aspect of tennis fitness that’s not overwhelming but clearly and nicely laid out for ease of reference. Well done!

Greg Spurgeon

I know the author well, since I’m a regular tennis partner of hers. 4 years ago, I suffered 2 consecutive knee injuries to the same area (MCL) due to the unbalanced nature of tennis and my lack of fitness. She taught me how to counteract the imbalances from playing tennis and to get stronger. Now I’m able to play at a higher level and more hours per week than when I was younger. The book incorporates the ideas that I’ve personally experienced from her over the years I’ve known her. All tennis, racketball, and paddle tennis players (or any sport that involves heavy use of one side of the body) will greatly benefit from this book.

Dan Lebovics, “Danno”, Mortgage Loan Officer and Computer Guru