Injury Prevention

Most of the injuries are preventable. Our bodies are telling us very loudly when something is not right, but unfortunately we tend to ignore to listen. Until it is too late… Tennis fitness is extremely important. For the body to function optimally, all joints should be aligned in all planes. Shoulders should be over the hips, that should be over the knees, and the knees should be over the ankles. When this balance is disturbed, some muscles and tendons need to compensate, creating excessive forces on the joints, and over time overuses injury will develop. Tennis and other “lopsided” activities tend to develop more imbalances in the body than activities that use the body evenly. Therefore it is extremely important for you to pay attention how your body is feeling, and listen to the cues that it is giving you. Always strive to recreate the balance. Work regularly on your tennis fitness.

There is no secret to balance. You just have to feel it.

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  • Injury Prevention Tools at

    Tools to use to prevent injuries and keep the body healthy. My personal favorites are the Myo-Release Ball, which I use daily. The results are similar to getting a deep tissue massage. My second favorite is the Theracane that allows me to reach all the otherwise unreachable areas of my body, and push and dig deep to release those pesky trigger points. The Travel Roller is sweet too... and the Rumble Roller is rough, for hardcore athletes.

    Myo-Release Ball for your tennis fitness

    Myo-Release Ball

    TheraCane for your tennis fitness


    Rumble Roller for Myofascial Release, Extra Firm 31x6

    Rumble Roller Extra Firm (black)

    Massage Stick for your tennis fitness

    Massage Stick

    Travel Foam Roller for your tennis fitness

    Travel Roller

    Stretching Strap for your tennis fitness

    Stretching Strap

    Yoga Block for your tennis fitness

    Yoga Stretch Block

    Yoga Mat for your tennis fitness

    Stretching Mat

    Massage Ball for your tennis fitness

    Massage Ball