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Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a technique where you “massage” and stretch the fascia. Fascia is a tough, connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, bones and joints, and gives protection to your body from head to toe. When there is a chronic tension in the body, the fascia hardens, thickens, and restricts the free muscle movement. Micro-tears and trigger points in the muscles will develop and that will eventually lead to more dysfunctions and future injuries. Myofascial release stretches the tight fascia, which will decrease the stress on the surrounding tissues, and the injury will go away. Self-myofascial release is crucial for any serious athlete who wants to be on a top of his or her performance and remain injury free. For self-myofascial release, use foam rollers, foam balls, soft balls or tennis balls.

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

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Injury Prevention Tools at

Tools to use to prevent injuries and keep the body healthy. My personal favorites are the Myo-Release Ball, which I use daily. The results are similar to getting a deep tissue massage. My second favorite is the Theracane that allows me to reach all the otherwise unreachable areas of my body, and push and dig deep to release those pesky trigger points. The Travel Roller is sweet too... and the Rumble Roller is rough, for hardcore athletes.

Myo-Release Ball for your tennis fitness
Myo-Release Ball
TheraCane for your tennis fitness
Rumble Roller for Myofascial Release, Extra Firm 31x6
Rumble Roller Extra Firm (black)
Massage Stick for your tennis fitness
Massage Stick
Travel Foam Roller for your tennis fitness
Travel Roller
Stretching Strap for your tennis fitness
Stretching Strap
Yoga Block for your tennis fitness
Yoga Stretch Block
Yoga Mat for your tennis fitness
Stretching Mat
Massage Ball for your tennis fitness
Massage Ball