Tennis players at all levels and ages are regularly participating in strength training, which is very important for maximizing performance and preventing injuries. Strong lower body, core and shoulders are essential to play good tennis and stay injury free. But ultimately, speed and explosiveness of the movement determines who is stronger, faster and quicker on the tennis court. Strength training that focuses on improving these qualities should be included in tennis player’s training regimen regularly.

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were tougher. (Jim Rohn)

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  • Tennis Fitness Exercise Tools at

    Useful exercise tools to improve your tennis fitness.

    Kettlebells for your tennis fitness


    BOSU ball for your tennis fitness

    BOSU Ball

    Stability ball for your tennis fitness

    Stability Ball

    Medicine balls for your tennis fitness

    Medicine balls

    Resistance bands for your tennis fitness

    Resistance Band

    Versa-loop for your tennis fitness

    Versa Loop

    VersaDisc for your tennis fitness


    Balance board for your tennis fitness

    Balance Board

    VersaBalance Pad for your tennis fitness

    VersaBalance Pad

    Jump Ropes for your tennis fitness

    Jump Rope

    Agility Ladder for your tennis fitness

    Agility Ladder

    Agility Dot Drill Mat for your tennis fitness

    Agility Dot Mat

    Reaction Ball for your tennis fitness

    Reaction Ball

    Agility Cones for your tennis fitness

    Agility Cones

    Yoga Mat for your tennis fitness

    Workout Mat

    Speed harness

    Speed Harness

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