Tennis Fitness Love: injury-free sport performance Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.
Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.


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Tennis Fitness for the Love of it
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"Tennis Fitness for the Love of it" EBook $8.99
34,940 words, PDF

Every tennis player at any age and skill level wants to play high-level tennis without pains and injuries. If you strive for improvement but cannot train as hard as you wish to, because you hurt often, this is a book for you. You will find practical advice on how to adjust your training to the requirements of your body, and how to achieve maximum tennis fitness that will improve your performance. You will learn how to listen to your body, understand what your body is telling you, strengthen your weaknesses, balance your strengths, discover and correct your imbalances, prevent future injuries and improve your tennis performance through mindful fitness.

Also available as paperback on Amazon, or as an e-book on Kindle, iTunes and all other formats on Smashwords.

Racquetball and Squash: Conditioning and Injury Prevention
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"Racquetball and Squash: Conditioning and Injury Prevention" EBook $9.99
35,000 words, PDF

Do you love to play racquetball or squash, yet you cannot play as often as you want because you suffer with injuries? Painful knees, Achilles tendon’s problems, shoulder or elbow aches… This book will help you to develop an awareness of your body and mind. You will learn how to listen to your body and how to understand what it is telling you, and you will be able to prevent injuries before they happen.

The book is also available on Amazon's Kindle and for your iPad/iPhone on Smashwords or iTunes.
Static Stretching for Injury Prevention EBookMore info

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Static Stretching for Injury Prevention EBook $2.99
6,480 words, PDF

Flexibility training is possibly the least popular and the most underrated element of tennis fitness training. Even though you might have heard a lot of contradicting opinions about the importance of stretching in the injury prevention, it is obvious that the flexibility of the muscles and joints plays an important roll in any athletic movement. The muscles that are not tight can move more efficiently and in a bigger range of motion resulting in better performance and less injuries, because the limb can move further before an injury would occur. A flexible athlete is a supple athlete. With better flexibility your movement and agility on the court will improve. Another benefit of flexibility training is that the stretched muscles get more relaxed, and with relaxed muscles, it is easier to learn new skills. Your body awareness will increase and that itself will help with your movement and performance.

Myofascial Release for Injury Prevention EBookMore info

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Myofascial Release for Injury Prevention eBook $2.99
6,040 words, PDF

Myofascial release is a technique where you “massage” and stretch the fascia, so it will return to its original soft and subtle texture. As a result, the stress on the surrounding tissues will decrease and your injury will go away. You can seek a professional who specializes in myofascial release or you can use this technique on yourself with help of a foam ball (that you can purchase below). This myofascial release booklet will teach you how to help yourself, especially if you have issues with chronic injuries. Finding and massaging away the trigger points, and performing myofascial release regularly will prolong your athletic career, increase the functionality of your muscles and decrease the injuries that you suffer. Your performance and tennis game will improve dramatically.
Strength and Power for Injury-Free Tennis EBookMore info

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Strength and Power for Injury-Free Tennis eBook $2.99
9,850 words, PDF

In today’s tennis game the player’s fitness and conditioning are more and more important. For the player who strives for improvement, the off-court tennis fitness training should be as crucial as the tennis play itself, with the focus on strength, explosive power, balance, agility, coordination, endurance, and injury prevention. In tennis, the key element is great movement—if you move well, you get to the ball fast and on balance and your shots are going to be more powerful.

In this e-book you will learn how to train your legs, core and shoulder stabilizers efficiently. You don’t need any equipment, and all exercises can be done outdoors – on the tennis court or in the park. A few short routines are outlined as well, and you can perform them after your tennis practice.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation EBookMore info

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Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation EBook $2.99
4,630 words, PDF

Tennis is a hard sport on your wrists, elbows, shoulders, and knees. However, is it really a problem of the sport, or could it be something else? Most of the time, the athlete’s body is already dysfunctional from the lifestyle that we live, and the sporting activity pushes it over the edge, which we would eventually encounter anyway. If you feel that you are developing pain symptoms of repetitive motions, you need to think about the exercises to stabilize your joints, rather then to sedate yourself and your joints with medications that only mask the underlying problem. In this ebook you will find many helpful exercises that will re-balance your body and prevent future overuse injuries and pains. In case of an acute injury, you will find some useful rehabilitation exercises to get you back in training as soon as possible.
Agility and Performance EBook
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Agility and Performance EBook $2.99
6,100 words, PDF

Footwork is the key to great tennis, and yet, so many players neglect this fact. If you have an excellent stroke technique, but you cannot get to the ball on time and be balanced, it is not going to be a consistently good shot. The time that you spend on the court moving is significantly more compared to the time that you spend hitting the ball. If you really want to improve your tennis game, start working on your footwork. This will improve your speed and fitness at the same time, and you will become a better player almost immediately. Improving your footwork will also develop your agility, coordination, and balance, which is extremely important for higher levels of play. Additionally, you will learn more about the importance of sleep, hydration, nutrition and eye and brain exercises.

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Injury Prevention Tools at

Tools to use to prevent injuries and keep the body healthy. My personal favorites are the Myo-Release Ball, which I use daily. The results are similar to getting a deep tissue massage. My second favorite is the Theracane that allows me to reach all the otherwise unreachable areas of my body, and push and dig deep to release those pesky trigger points. The Travel Roller is sweet too... and the Rumble Roller is rough, for hardcore athletes.

Myo-Release Ball for your tennis fitness
Myo-Release Ball
TheraCane for your tennis fitness
Rumble Roller for Myofascial Release, Extra Firm 31x6
Rumble Roller Extra Firm (black)
Massage Stick for your tennis fitness
Massage Stick
Travel Foam Roller for your tennis fitness
Travel Roller
Stretching Strap for your tennis fitness
Stretching Strap
Yoga Block for your tennis fitness
Yoga Stretch Block
Yoga Mat for your tennis fitness
Stretching Mat
Massage Ball for your tennis fitness
Massage Ball

Tennis Fitness Exercise Tools at

Useful exercise tools to improve your tennis fitness.

Kettlebells for your tennis fitness
BOSU ball for your tennis fitness
Stability ball for your tennis fitness
Stability Ball
Medicine balls for your tennis fitness
Medicine balls
Resistance bands for your tennis fitness
Resistance Band
Versa-loop for your tennis fitness
Versa Loop
VersaDisc for your tennis fitness
Balance board for your tennis fitness
Balance Board
VersaBalance Pad for your tennis fitness
VersaBalance Pad
Jump Ropes for your tennis fitness
Jump Rope
Agility Ladder for your tennis fitness
Agility Ladder
Agility Dot Drill Mat for your tennis fitness
Agility Dot Mat
Reaction Ball for your tennis fitness
Reaction Ball
Agility Cones for your tennis fitness
Agility Cones
Yoga Mat for your tennis fitness
Workout Mat
Speed harness
Speed Harness

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