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Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.

Elbow Curls for Tennis Elbow or Wrist Pain

How many tennis players do you know who have or have had tennis elbow or painful wrists? Or serious shoulder issues? Maybe you are one of them? Sometimes we blame the new string we’ve just put in our rackets or the string tension, or the racket. Our technique maybe could use some improvement? It could be a lot of things. Very seldom we blame imbalances in our bodies that we’ve created by playing our sport or just plainly living life. Being one side dominant, we often use our dominant arm and leg for most of the activities that we do.  When the hips are not balanced, the other joints need to compensate, and we encounter problems with the knees, ankles or shoulders. If the shoulders are not properly aligned or the muscles are unevenly strong, then each motion that starts in the shoulder joint is not as accurate as it should be, and our elbow or wrist takes a lot of beating. By overusing the improperly aligned shoulder joint, we might develop tennis elbow, wrist pain or serious shoulder issues.

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