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Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.

Simple Tips to Stick with Your Health Goals

Do The Work Every Day

It is not always easy to stick with your well-meant fitness and health goals. Once the excitement wears off, the motivation often goes with it, and the only thing that is left is a plain, hard work. Or it may seem like a hard work, but it doesn’t need to be so.

Often we set too hefty goals. There is nothing wrong with having huge goals, but be aware that it takes many small actions to accomplish the milestones on the way to you huge goal. These tiny little actions count for all your successes.


All or nothing

Don’t think “all or nothing”. We all are guilty of that. If I don’t eat 100% perfect today, then I may just give up and eat the whole kitchen, including the pizza delivery truck outside the house. This thinking is so wrong. And yes, I am guilty of it too. It’s like if you scratch your car a little bit on the rose bush thorns on the street, you may just completely total the car.

You may not be the super strong super fit super flexible plant-based athlete (yet), but don’t be surprised if one day you will…

Little Every Day

The one and only most important thing is to do something, even so little, every day.

If your goal is becoming stronger and you don’t have time to do a “real workout”, do one round of burpees or squats in front of the TV at home. Maybe you can do it a few times a day. Just this little thing will make big difference when done persistently over time.

If your goal is to become more flexible, but you feel like you don’t have time to do a serious stretching routine (yes, it hurts at first and it’s not fun, that’s why you feel you don’t have the time), choose one stretch and do it for two minutes in the morning and two minutes in the evening. That is almost 30 minutes a week. And that is 25 extra hours of stretching a year! That will make a difference, don’t you think?

If you want to become a better tennis player or more skilled athlete in whatever sport you enjoy, and you don’t have time to practice as often as you wish, you can practice mentally. Visualize. When you wait in the grocery store, or on a red light in a traffic, or at home before sleep. A few minutes of visualization here and there will add on and you will be surprised how positively it will show in your sport.

If you goal is becoming healthier and possibly lose some weight, make one positive change in your diet and stick with it for a while. When it becomes a part of your “normal” eating, add another positive change. You see how amazingly transformed you will become in a few months or a year.

One super easy step toward your health is adding more raw fruits and vegetables into your diet. It is so simple and extremely effective and everybody can apply this change toward health without any serious efforts.


Ignite Your Internal Motivation

All these little changes are easy to implement, but if you feel burned out and start lacking motivation, there’s no little change that won’t feel huge and difficult. For these tough times, you need to find a source of internal motivation. Figure out what drives you. What gets your internal fire going?

For example, for me works really great to look at some super fit and healthy athletes on the Internet. See how they train and how they look, and that gets me motivated. I want to be like that, too!

So if you feel like you have problems with sticking to your goals, actions and motivation, find yourself a few amazing people that you truly admire. Print their photo or save it on your phone or computer, and look at it many times during the day. Maybe post a motivational quote to it and you will feel inspired all the time.

When you are fired and motivated, a little daily action is super easy to do. When you start doing the little action, you may even stick with it longer and it will become a big daily action.


And remember, if you mess up, do not total the whole car!!!


Do The Work Every Day

How do you stay motivated to stay on track with your goals?

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