Hip and Groin Pain Prevention with Frog Stretch

Do you suffer with pain in your low back, hip or groin? Maybe you suspect it is because of the unfriendly surface of Los Angeles tennis courts. But maybe not… If there would be one magic “medicine” for all your muscular-skeletal problems, it would be almost safe to say that misalignments in your hips may be the culprit. Of course, misalignments in all other load-bearing joints cause troubles too, but it seems like at first, everything originates in the hips. Most of the muscles that originate movement connect to the hips. The hips are connecting the upper and lower body, and need to provide strength, stability and flexibility to both halves. So if your hips are misaligned, the movement is not going to be correct.

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About Suzanna McGee

A former Ms. Natural Olympia Bodybuilding champion, currently performance coach, injury prevention specialist, plant-based nutrition coach, author, speaker and raw vegan athlete. Loves to help others by sharing her knowledge, and to hang out with her favorite chocolate Labrador Zuzi. Find Suzanna on , Facebook and Amazon.