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Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.

Miraculously Fit Body with Miracle Noodles (and some hard work)

The holiday season is here and the good intentions to exercise daily and eat light are gone. “Tomorrow… I’ll be good tomorrow.” After many “tomorrows”, the New Year will be knocking on the door and you have a long list of resolutions: a new fit body, healthy living, multiplied income, tons of free time. What an excellent 2013!

Many big goals create chaos in your planning because you don’t know where to start. Let’s start small. Let’s start just with one easy thing: eat less at your last meal of the day. After many months of overeating, this will create nice lightness in your body and a new motivation to stay focused. Now, if I told you to get lighter by eating more noodles and pasta, you would think I must be on a holiday sugar high, right?

Pasta, together with other starchy carbs (bread, potatoes, cookies, rice) is traditionally a no-no for the health conscious person who is on a mission to get fit and lose some unwanted weight. How about if I told you about a delicious pasta that has zero calories?

Maybe you have heard about the Japanese noodles called shirataki. Many different brands of shirataki build the base of the low-carb diets. Even though I believe more in a balanced nutrition, I also believe that a nice zero calorie pasta meal after several months of overindulgence is a perfect addition to your New-Year-You.

I have tried many shirataki brands over the years and they were ok. Nothing that I would get super excited and write a whole article about. Just recently, I came across the Miracle Noodle brand, and I must say that they are super yummy. So delicious that I ordered three 30-packs and have been creating all possible pasta meals, in many different forms. Even a sweet variation that reminds me of European noodles with poppy seeds (recipe). Many of my students are now eating the Miracle Noodles and I am so excited that I have decided to write an article so I can tell everybody who could be interested.

The noodles are made from Konjac root (see all about Konjac on Wikipedia), the source for the natural fiber glucomannan. Konjac root has been used in Asia as a part of healthy diet for long time. The konjac root is processed into edible form and is all fiber. That’s why the noodles don’t have any calories.

They come in a little package filled with fluid that to some people may smell a little bit awkward, maybe fishy. I don’t mind the smell, and it will go away quickly. Preparation is fast: put the noodles without the fluid into the pan and heat them. That’s it! Prepare your dishes in any form you like; use the Miracle Noodles just like you would use a regular pasta.

Spinach Angel Hair Miracle Noodles

Just be prepared that they don’t taste completely like wheat, egg or grain pasta. They look like pasta, they have similar texture like pasta and they have no calories and no carbs. Don’t expect them to taste like Italian spaghetti, rather create your sauces and additions such that they will carry the taste of the meal. The fiber (glucomannan) will make you feel physically full while you are not adding too many calories. You can reduce your total calories in the pasta dish with 400-500! The fiber also reduces the glycemic index of your meal, which is great for all the people who have to control their blood sugar.

There are a lot of different kinds: fettuccini, linguini, rice, angel hair, penne, and much more. My personal favorite is the green spinach angel noodle. It has a few calories thanks to spinach, but I do enjoy the texture (chewy) and color. I very highly recommend trying them. You will need to figure out what kind you like the best, but once you do, you may never stop eating them, long after achieving the desired results of your fitness transformation.

I like to use my Miracle noodles meal for the last meal of the day, because I love to eat a lot, and at least when I use the miracle noodles, I won’t ingest too many calories late in the day before I go to sleep. Add your miracle noodles to your nutrition now, or get ready for the New Year and start strong!

The company has an offer 12% off all orders until December 24th with coupon code ‘Holiday12‘, and always free shipping. Take an advantage of the offer and load up so you can be ready for your New-2013-You.

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Happy holidays and the best and fittest 2013!!!

Happy Holidays 2012 with Zuzi and Zuzi

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