Shredded Fruit and Veggie Salad (Raw)

This shredded fruit and veggie salad is something that maybe not too many people recognize. In Czechoslovakia, where I was born, my mom always used to make me something like this and I really find it refreshing and nutritious. That’s why I decided to share it with you. You may love it it. I eat it when I have a little sweet tooth, or when I am “tired” of a savory salad.

You can only use two ingredients, carrots and apples, and it’s going to be very simple to make and the flavors are simple too. However, I always like to experiment with my foods and I have created this version of the shredded fruit and veggie salad and it became my favorite.

Often, instead of shredded carrots I use the carrot pulp that was left after making a freshly squeezed carrot juice. If you missed my previous post about the amazing benefits of juicing, or if you don’t remember so much, refresh your memory reading about how great freshly squeezed juices are for us.

I shred  carrots, apples, and pears. Then I add fresh blueberries (or frozen in a hot weather) or raisins, and a few cacao nibs that makes the whole salad nice and crunchy. Often, if this is my meal after an intense workout, I add one ounce of pumpkin seed protein powder. It is my favorite one, with a delicious flavor, and it can be added into sweet or savory meals. I get mine on Amazon for the best deal.

If I eat this meal any other time than training, then I don’t add anything. I may sweeten it with a tiny bit of Stevia and put a few drops of lemon juice for a sweet-and-sour flavor. And some other times, I may add a bit of coconut milk. All these various additions make the shredded fruit and veggie salad taste differently each time, according to your mood.

Also, notice that my bowl is HUGE! I love to eat and I eat the whole thing. For a more “normal” person, this could be easily two nice meals. You could add a few walnuts, almonds or cashews in, so you would have more calories per meal.


Suzanna's shredded fruit and veggie salad: carrots, apples, pears, with blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and cacao nibs


Ingredients for my shredded fruit and veggie salad


Ingredients for shredded fruit and veggie salad: carrots, apples, pears, with blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and cacao nibs



Macronutrients for shredded fruit and veggie salad


My personal goal is to keep my fat levels between 10-15% from the total calories. My protein varies from 8-12% of calories per day. This meal has more protein, but it is because I eat it after my intense workout. Everything is beautifully raw and therefore full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes (that get destroyed by cooking). My body really appreciates it, and I feel like I am always energized and recovering well from my heavy workouts. Try it and leave a comment below what you think… bon appetite.


Macros for shredded fruit and veggie salad: carrots, apples, pears, with blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and cacao nibs




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