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Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.

Undergrip Shoulder Dislocates

In the last article about the benefits of Shoulder Dislocates for Healthy Shoulders we practiced the overgrip dislocate exercise: the stick is in front of you and the palms are facing you, backward.  Another version—a possibly slightly harder one, called undergprip shoulder dislocates—is when the stick is behind you and the palms are facing forward. You may need to get your grip a little bit wider at first.

Start slowly lifting the stick above your head and then down in front of your body. You will now feel a quite intense stretch in your elbows and wrists. Go slowly, the whole way down to your hips. Hold this position for a few seconds and enjoy the stretch. Your dominant arm may be much tighter.



Do the dislocates in front of the mirror in the beginning, so you would see that you are NOT bending your elbows, and also that both your shoulders have a same path of movement. If one is behind the other, try to correct it, so you can even out the imbalances.

When you get more flexible—and be patient, it will take time—start moving the hands closer to each other. Just a half inch. Then another tiny bit. Eventually add a little extra weight (1–3 lbs) on the stick, get your grip wider and start over. Slowly work the hands closer to each other again. Eventually, add another weight.

The shoulder dislocates will improve your flexibility of the entire shoulder, improve the strength of all the stabilizing muscles, improve the strength of the tendons, and get rid of all the imbalances that you have from your life and athletic activities.

Do 10 repetitions in a nice and slow manner.

If you focus on the dislocates for the next few weeks, you will see huge results. Do an experiment, try it, and let me know.



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