To become a great tennis player doesn’t mean that you only play and practice tennis. You have to give at least the same amount of time and attention to your fitness. The better your tennis fitness, the more success you will have on the court. You want to have strong legs and core, good balance, coordination and explosive power. You might find it difficult to fit in all the fitness training on a top of playing tennis, and at the same time go to school or work. If you decide to devote yourself to fitness, you could start easy, but be persistent with it. Just a little workout after each tennis practice, maybe 20-30 minutes and another 10-20 minutes for stretching, and over a period of one week it adds on to 3-5 hours of tennis fitness training. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

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Do you want to become a better athlete? An effective core training routine will do it fast. Learn these 16 core exercises that you can do anywhere and see the results almost immediately!

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