Squat Jump with Open Legs for Powerful Legs

“Strong legs make a strong body” – and for a tennis player this is twofold true. You need your legs to cover the court and to support and balance your body in every shot you make. The legs and the butt are the biggest muscles in your body and if you can use their strength to your benefit, you will have a great advantage in producing powerful shots. In tennis you make a lot of explosive movements. Just imagine that you have to run down your opponent’s short angle topspin shot, and then quickly recover and make another explosive movement to cover the open court. You will need a lot of explosive power – the combination of strength and speed. Therefore your training regimen should include plyometric training in addition to strength, balance, agility and flexibility training. Plyometric training produces fast, powerful movements and improves the functions of the nervous system.

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A former Ms. Natural Olympia Bodybuilding champion, currently performance coach, injury prevention specialist, plant-based nutrition coach, author, speaker and raw vegan athlete. Loves to help others by sharing her knowledge, and to hang out with her favorite chocolate Labrador Zuzi. Find Suzanna on , Facebook and Amazon.