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Build bullet-proof fitness… the older you get, the better you get.

How Daily Training Will Make you an Amazing Athlete

Personally, I don’t know “moderation” in almost everything I do—in life or exercise, I go for it full speed, full commitment, and full “overdoing” it. I have always believed that pushing my limits will make me figure out how far I can go and ultimately make me better.

I don’t apply this philosophy to training of my clients, because I have always thought that not everybody can handle such intensity. Sort of like it needs to be a special “animal”. But the clients who are more adventurous, and want to experience some serious gains, they go for it at times as well.

Just recently, I came across an interesting article from even more interesting man, John Broz, where he was explaining his training philosophy and to my surprise, it completely agreed with what I normally do. I was reading with a big smile on my face, and decided to bring it to you, my readers.

When you read the article, you think that you don’t want to be an Olympic lifter, nor add tons of pounds to your squat… You don’t need to apply this to your life, however, if you are an athlete or a fitness warrior and enjoying experimenting and would like to experience great results and gains, here is an idea for you, and a big food for thought.

For all the others, this article will just confirm that we very seldom overtrain. We don’t need to worry to do too much (once your body gets adjusted) and very often we just don’t use our potential. Maybe this little thought will make you more comfortable training a little bit harder, a little more often, or a little bit more intense.

John Broz is an Olympic weightlifting coach. So his training philosophies are slightly different from a tennis player or a “fitness warrior”. However, the main principles and main thoughts can be very well applied. John Broz ideas caused a lot of stir and discussions on the internet, and this great article talks about daily squatting and its benefits: Max Out on Squats Every Day.

Personally, I have added squats into my repertoire this past month because I want to grow my behind (booty, gluteus) a little bit more and I want to add power into my movement on the tennis court. I do not squat daily (yet), but I do squat several times a week, and I do train daily. I haven’t had a day off for really long time. And I feel great, strong, energetic and ready to workout every day when I start a new day.

I believe that my raw vegan (plant-based) nutrition is helping with my recovery and how I handle this training load quite a lot. But even if you don’t eat plant-based, and just choose healthy foods with a lot of vegetables and fruits, you will do great too.

If you decide to try this kind of intense training, bear in your mind that there is a very little danger in squatting with pretty heavy weights daily, AS LONG AS your TECHNIQUE is EXCELLENT. Because there are not too many athletes out there who can do a front and back squat really well, just to be safe, you should check with a qualified trainer and get your form checked and adjusted before you jump into it full speed. Many people with “back issues” got healthier and stronger backs from regular squatting. Again, squatting with right form!



Daily Training with squats


A Few Thoughts About Daily Training

If you haven’t tried it yet, do not judge it or knock it as a bunch of nonsense. I have spoken with many other athletes who tried daily training and they have experienced their best results and gains in their lives. Often, if I can do it, or if they can do it, you can do it too, and probably experience the same great results.Mr. Broz believes that there’s no such thing as being overtrained, just undertrained.

For example, if you get a job as a garbage man picking up heavy cans all day long, you will most probably suffer the first day or a few days. You will be completely sore, beat up, exhausted and may not even complete the job. But you cannot take a few days off to recover, right? You just keep pushing and your body gets used to it. Eventually, tossing the heavy cans around will be like nothing, you will do it like washing dishes or any other simple task. Your body has adapted to the demands and has grown stronger. Similar is with daily training. The first week you may feel beat up, sore, tired, and want to give up. But if you keep going, you will adapt and you grow stronger.

This kind of training can be modified to suit everyone: old and young, beginners or advanced, men and women, high level athletes or fitness warriors.If you are a younger athlete or a more experience athlete, you will probably experience much better and faster results. However, your age or (in)experience shouldn’t stop you. Do you best, and see the results come to you as well. Maybe you will need to be more patient.

You won’t be attempting to do a super heavy training every day. Some days heavy, some days light. If you are a tennis player or other sport athlete, you have to coordinate this training with your sport training. Your sport training will be as another training session, even though it won’t be in the gym. Or you will do a lighter session in the gym after your tennis/sport training.

Some days you will feel strong and excellent, and some days you will be plainly beat up, stiff and maybe sore. If you can go through these rough days and do whatever you can do at that particular day, these times will pay off in the long run. You don’t need to set any personal records each training session. Just listen to your body and do your best for that particular physical state that day.

Also, as a tennis player or athlete, if you play competitively (tournaments or leagues) you will have to include some lighter days before your competition, so you would feel fresh and mentally alert. It all will take a little bit experimenting and practice, so you would know what your body can handle.

When you do your daily training, you will notice that you will grow not just stronger but you will also become much leaner, even if you don’t change anything with your nutrition. The amounts of calories your body will burn, and also building more solid muscle mass will turn you into a fat-burning lean machine. And of course, if you choose to eat healthy, you will get even more benefits, not just strength-wise but also visually.

For more great inspiration, go to John Broz’ YouTube page and see some of his videos, they are truly inspirational, and maybe you get motivated.

If you decide to experiment with this daily training, I would love to hear your results and how you feel after you get adjusted to this workload. I bet you will feel better than ever, and your body and your tennis game will be in tip top shape as well.



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