Squat Jump with Open Legs for Powerful Legs

“Strong legs make a strong body” – and for a tennis player this is twofold true. You need your legs to cover the court and to support and balance your body in every shot you make. The legs and the butt are the biggest muscles in your body and if you can use their strength to your benefit, you will […]

Dynamic and Static Stretching

Flexibility training is possibly the least popular and the most underrated element of tennis fitness training. Even though you might have heard a lot of contradicting opinions about the importance of stretching in the injury prevention, it is obvious that the flexibility of the muscles and joints plays an important roll in any athletic movement. The definition of flexibility is “the […]

Side Plank with Leg Lift for Strong Core

Think how many times you bend and twist during your normal day, and how many times you twist and untwist your upper body on the tennis court. The muscles responsible for the motion are obliques, located on the sides of your core and often forgotten about. We use the obliques much more than we realize. Your athletic performance will improve dramatically […]

Kinesio Taping for Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

You have probably seen many tennis players or other athletes with those beautifully colored tapes – bright blue, bright pink, black – all over the bodies in any possible visual formation. Besides looking cool, what does it do? This technique is called “kinesio taping”. The idea comes from the kinesiology science (therefore the name “kinesio”) and is based on the body’s […]

Push-up with Knee to Elbow Touch for Strong Upper Body

Push up is a well-known and excellent exercise for the whole upper body. It strengthens your chest, shoulders, arms and core. You can easily do it anywhere and without any equipment. As you get stronger by doing push-ups regularly, you will have to do either more of them – and that may get slightly boring eventually – or you can make […]

Balance the Hips with Hip Crossover Stretch

Take a good look at your hips. There’s a chance that they are not in balance: one edge may be higher than the other, or is more forward than the other. In worse cases, the hip can be both up and forward and completely out of balance. Tennis is a strenuous activity, working all the muscles of your lower and […]

The Plank with Am and Leg Lifts for Strong Core

We all want to have a nice lean midsection with defined abs, right? Especially in Los Angeles where it is sunny all year around and you can show them off… While the looks of nice abs are great, for a tennis player, the strength and functionality of the core is even more important: 1) It will allow transferring the power from […]

Best Recovery Exercises after a Knee Surgery

So it happened: you’ve had a knee surgery and now you are coming back to training. Remember to start really slow, don’t rush anywhere, and always advise with your doctor first, as every person’s recovery is different. When you start strengthening your legs again, you should start with exercises that don’t put too much load on your knee joint. But you […]

Prevent Repetitive Motion Injuries with Air Bench

You practice your shots for hours over and over… It seems to be a “known fact” that repetitive motions cause injuries. Maybe you have developed one too. But is that statement really true? Yes and no. If your joints are stable and functional, and you repeat the same motion over and over, your muscles get tired before the healthy joint would get […]

Treat Painful Shoulders with Arm Circles

Our bodies are optimally functional when to posture is correct – slightly sway back, curvature in the neck, head sits directly over the shoulders (not forward as we can see everywhere around us). Shoulders should be aligned over the hips that are directly above the knees that are directly above the ankles. This is the ideal that we always want […]