Elbow Curls for Tennis Elbow or Wrist Pain

How many tennis players do you know who have or have had tennis elbow or painful wrists? Or serious shoulder issues? Maybe you are one of them? Sometimes we blame the new string we’ve just put in our rackets or the string tension, or the racket. Our technique maybe could use some improvement? It could be a lot of things. […]

Develop Strong and Powerful Legs with Jump Squats

Strong and powerful legs are not just beautiful – on men or women – but also extremely useful in tennis. When you bend your knees to achieve a low base, you will have a better balance and better transfer of the forces from the ground upward – through the kinetic chain – to your arm and racket and to the […]

Align your Hips with a Crocodile Twist

The hips are the center of your body. They connect the lower body and the upper body to work as a unity. They provide stability, strength and flexibility to both halves. Misaligned hips will cause you a lot of troubles – pain in your low back, knees, shoulders or ankles, and possibly create some more serious future injuries. If your hips […]

Get Energized with Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations are the ultimate awakener of your body and mind. You should always return to this exercise when you need to feel good. It is going to wake you up in the morning, energize you during the day, or if you feel stressed out, it will calm you down. The versatility of this exercise is because it has a […]

Improve your Sleep and Athletic Performance

Sleep is very important for you for many reasons. As an athlete, you need your sleep to recover from the hard training, and to rejuvenate and repair all the damaged tissues in the body. Deep, peaceful sleep is also important for your mental clarity and emotional well-being. Good sleeping habits can have tremendous impact on your well being, athletic performance and […]

Footwork Drills with a Soccer Ball

Footwork is the key to great tennis, and yet, so many players neglect this fact. If you have an excellent stroke technique, but you cannot get to the ball on time and be balanced, it is not going to be a consistently good shot. If you think about it, the time that you spend on the court moving compared to the […]

Knee Pain Relief with Myofascial Release

Ouch, knee pain – tendinitis, damaged meniscus cartilage, bursitis, damaged ligaments or arthritis of the knee… Even Rafael Nadal knows how extremely debilitating a knee pain can be. Every step you take, there’s an irritating pain. Your movement is inhibited and your hopes for a good match are fading away. The steady improvement that you strive for in tennis seems […]

Healthy Shoulders, Wrists, Lower Back, Hips and Knees with the Wheel Stretch

Our modern life style creates a “forward” posture, where the head is tilted forward instead of being straight over the shoulders. Shoulders are rounded and moved forward instead of being perfectly above the hips. Lower back has lost its natural sway curvature. The body is fighting to keep its balance and some muscles are working way too hard for that. That’s […]

Muscular Imbalances of Modern Life Style

We all know that feeling – tight neck, maybe a slight tension headache and a bit stiff low back. Whatever you do, nothing really helps. In another article about how to rejuvenate your spine with Cats and Dogs, you’ve learned about the imbalances of a “forward” life style, which we all more or less have. Tennis is an activity that […]

Cats & Dogs Exercise Helps Painful Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Lower Back and Knees

Tennis is considered to be a hard sport on your wrists, elbows, shoulders and knees. (And as well are other racquet sports and handball). But is it indeed a problem of the hard courts, or the sport itself? Maybe not! Because, most of the times, the body is already dysfunctional from the life style, and the sporting activity is just […]